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About Dmitry Art

Since the beginning of my career as an artist in 2013 my art-works have been represented in such exhibitions like:

Art shopping Fair in Paris, FIBCN International Art Barcelona, Emerging Scene in Dubai, HYB4 Galerie in Prague, London Art Biennale curated by Gagliardi Gallery, ArtRooms Fair in London, United Art Show Exhibition in Krakow and many others.

My future exhibitions include:

2024: Tokyo.

I'm the author of two books about approach that I'm applying in my painting:

I came to art with background of Doctor in Physics and mathematics whose main focus was on modelling brain and nerve dynamic through physical models.  The main concept that I'm currently applying in my artworks is how colors and textures influence emotions and how emotions are being transferred into colors and textures in artworks.

My main goal is to find the way to help perceivers to trigger their own emotions and help them to express own feeling and emotions into abstract representation. My background and my nature helps me to look at many things from two different perspectives. First, as a scientist with analytical approach and second, as an artistic person, with emotional context. I’m combining physical models with art and try to break emotions in components, atoms, basic elements to create the whole picture of life.

                                                       Sincerely yours,

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