Dmitry Art (Artyukhin)

a contemporary artist


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I started as an artist 7 years ago, my education is Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and MBA and I have not got academic education in art. At the same time my life changed after I met professional painter who inspired me to try art as a hobby. I didn’t have any intention to show art-works broadly and basically published just some of those on Facebook for my friends. Suddenly I was asked if I could sell some of my paintings and I didn’t even have any idea about price of my art-works. And finally more and more people shared feedback that my art-works gave them unique combination of positive emotions and energy. I think the reason for that is, by nature I’m quite analytical person, but inside me I have so much emotion, passion about what I make and the way how I express these emotions in colors, textures and different forms on canvas. My strong believe is in being open with you thru sharing what I feel, many art-works are made within very short time frames but accumulate so much energy, emotion and reflection. That makes each art-work very unique by giving you snapshot of something very special that happens inside me, triggering emotions on your side. It’s hard to explain but every time when I create painting I feel very special, colors and textures are driven by powerful energy, I’m just expressing those. I don’t even think what color should go next, but I do feel which one should be on canvas, I create with passion and sensitive feeling.

After more than 7 years, more than 300 art-works have been created, many of them landed in small private collections in Poland, Germany, Russia, Turkey and other countries. Art-works and concept itself have got specific attention from a few contemporary magazines (personal interview published in Art Habens Review magazine in 2017; ACS Magazine 2019), several awards and opportunities to exhibit works, the recent one was Art Rooms Fair in London in January 2019 and London Art Biennale 2019 and presentation in Prague in 2020.

In 2017 a book ‘Emotional Painting: Amateur reflection’ was published to share the key concept of approach in creating art-works.

CFA Affiliate Artist since June 2020:

I live in Gdynia (Poland) and I find this city amazing because of combination of great people, charm atmosphere of the city and seaside.


Lady with scarf (2020) 30x30x2.JPG
Portrait of the artist (2018) 60x70x1,5.


Videne Formy, Prague
January 10, 2020

'Theatre of minuatures #3' is presented during exhibition 'Videne Formy', 10 Jan - 30 Jan in Prague!


Art Habens Biennial Edition 2019
November 20, 2019

ART Habens Art Review magazine selected Dmitry Artyukhin’s art-works for publication as a part of 2019 Biennial edition.


Emotional Painting: Amateur Reflection
by Dmitry Artyukhin

September 13, 2017