Dear Guest!

​When I started making art I tried to overcome my personal challenge of being very analytical by education and very emotional by nature. Combination of these absolutly opposite things created extremely powerful result. The maximum resonance between  what I feel inside and what I create outside is the indication that my art work is done! So this is not about emotional as a technique but rather transparency and honesty, openness with those who view my art-works!

I truly believe that when we feel something special, the time of this particular emotional state is very short (recall any occasion when you had such moment - how long it was...half an hour may be an hour, not more...). So you have very short time to take a snapshot of this moment. This is exactly what I'm trying to achieve, I fit my art-work creation in that particular time lapse combining that with maximum expression of emotions, so I can feel the harmony between intangible and tangible.

What it brings? I started getting a lot of feedback from people that they feel something special, they love spending  time just looking at art-works, simply being charmed of them...

If you are interested to get one of my art-works, you can browse the collection on your own and send me a note to request a price or ask me directly to help you to find exactly the right fit for you!

A few facts about me:

  • My name is Dmitry Art (where ART is 3 first letters of my surname Artyukhin).

  • I don't have academic education in art and I'm self-taught artist. 

  • I combine background of PhD in Physics and Mathematics with MBA.

  • Born in Russia, live in Poland, speak 3 languages: English, Polish and Russian.

  • I started art-career 8 years ago, produced 300+ art-works, part of those landed in private collections.

  • By now, I have been the part of 10 exhibitions, 3 personal interviews, become Circle Foundation Juried Affiliate artist, published a book.

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