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Dear Guest!

I'm self-taught artist since 2013 learning the way how colors and textures help perceivers to trigger their own emotions, how to transform feeling and emotions into abstract representation and vice versa how colors, textures and images influence us as human being.

I came to art with scientific background being Doctor of physics & mathematics with deep focus on studying of brain and neuron dynamic, electronic circuits and using different models to prototype the different physical processes of brain activity. Combining physical models with artistic nature, looking for synergy between analytical approach and emotional context of life is my approach to art!

I’m looking at emotions from two different points of view. The first one is emotions as emotions, i.e., visible and invisible reflection of our feelings. The second one is mathematical and physical models that describes nerve oscillations, brain activity etc. Combination of those is reflected in my artworks.

My goal is to find specific triggers, specific elements like textures, images, fractals, and colors that would help people to recall their memories and create their own emotions. Our brain operates like a complex machine that accumulates a lot of information and it requires some external triggers to recall important moments, memories, emotions. In my view it works like a generator that gets external impulse and amplifies our capability to think differently and bring more positive emotions in our life.

A few facts about me:

  • My name is Dmitry Art (where ART is 3 first letters of my surname Artyukhin), I also use short one - Dimi Art.

  • I don't have academic education in art and I'm self-taught artist. 

  • My background is Doctor of Physics & Mathematics and MBA.

  • I live in Poland.

  • I started art-career in 2013.