Dear Guest,

My goal is to give you a piece of positive emotion that I integrate into my art-works. These are not just paintings but source of something very special that brings  emotions, feelings thru textures, colors and part of my soul to you. If you find something that triggers your attention in art section drop me a note so I can help you to get original or print. 

I have been creating art works for more than 6 years already and have done over 250 paintings. Many of them have landed in private collections in Poland, UK, Germany, UAE, Russia and other countries.

I'm self taught artist working on concept of creating art thru very sensitive transition of emotions into colors.

I live in Gdynia (Poland) and I find this city amazing because of combination of great people, charm atmosphere of the city and seaside and rich history that also brings a lot of emotions thru people living around, nice places, local cuisine and many other nice things.