The concept that I am applying in my works is about 2 main ideas:

  1. Every painting is pure emotion reflected in combination of different colors. Emotional in this case doesn’t reflect the process how you create art work but rather transparency of transforming internal emotions into colors on canvas. I try to remove any roadblocks and obstacles between internal feelings and external interpretation of them.

  2. Another central idea is about an attempt to trigger positive thinking and emotions on viewer’s side. Why it is so critical. First of all in a world of change and so dynamic environment we are so much stressed by having negative emotions so the idea of sharing positive feelings and bringing something positive is so much critical. Also supporting each other thru giving positive impulse, motivating viewers and giving them a chance to think is so much important. Finally, when you put art work at home you bring someone’s thinking, idea and emotions in your personal world. This is so much personal and sensitive so you need to be very careful. Literally it means an artist shares part of their heart and soul with you. And ideally that should be done in so much gentle way to avoid clash with your internal nature and your reflection of external world.

I am trying to take a snapshot of specific moments in my life when I feel something very positive about people, nature or different aspects of life. It’s always unique simply because there are no exactly the same situations or moments. It will be different every time with some new colors or emotions or simply some ingredients that combine and create art. That should be performed at maximum synergy between internal feelings and external environment that includes sounds, colors, emotional context and finally becomes the part of your life!

Emotional painting – 2 fundamental ideas