All The World’s A Stage & With Theatres Opening Soon – Looking Forward To Some Applause & Joy!

During a year that has certainly been dramatic and a play that all of us would rather not have watched and taken part in, I felt this series of artworks resonated well in the translation of my emotions into art.

My collection ‘All the World’s A Stage feels like a relevant collection to mention with this in mind.

First of all let me explain why this collection I have entitled ‘All the World’s a Stage’ is so called and of course therefore is associated with theatre. When we are in a theatre we watch a performance that's happening on stage for a particular scene and our view is concentrated around this very small and enclosed space in front of us. This place is a scene and our attention is actually focused on that particular space where we see the performance with feelings, emotions and actions. I guess also trying to appreciate what is going on behind the scenes is also important for us all during these times, appreciating the work of our hospitals and governments to get Covid under control.

Theatre of miniatures #1
Theatre of miniatures #2
Theatre of miniatures #2

So to try and recreate this feeling of what is actually going on behind the scenes, I decided to use the back of the canvas, because it gives the feeling of the impression of this scene where the action is happening. Then a small piece in the centre is actually a sponge that helps me to emphasize the key point, soaking up all the paint as we soak up all the emotions involved in our lives. The colours and textures of that sponge express my emotions. the whole idea is to show that our life and emotions are part of that performance, we are all in a big theatre where so many things are happening every day and our emotions are in the centre of this performance. The whole concept of these artworks is trying to convey my emotions about our lives related to the world of theatre and indeed the idea of the world as a stage. With theatres opening up in London in May, feels like a good time to celebrate art and the theatre too!

Are we all in a performance? What will be the final scenes? How will we perform and how will our surrounding audience react? I am hoping they will approve and leave with a good applause having hopefully appreciated my efforts at conveying my emotions into art in ‘All the World’s a Stage’. I would also like to try and play my part by offering a carefully chosen selection of paintings in a charity art sale on my art auction page. I will be donating 25% of each art sale to the buyers chosen charity. I hope creating this art sales auction site can help many charities that have suffered and probably even more than usual, with Covid 19. Please have a look and you could not only be the owner of what I hope will be a painting that brings happiness to your life but it also will have benefitted your chosen charity.

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