Art in Nature: World Earth Day 2021

Art is all around us. Everywhere we turn we can see art in nature; in the trees, in flowers, in the sky and in our seas. As an artist, I am inclined to notice beauty around me, and the beauty found in nature is something that inspires my artwork.

I like people to truly feel and relate to my artwork, and what is more relatable than nature? It is something we all have access to – even in our busiest of cities! My series The Feeling of Nature encapsulates my interest in the wild. My series of abstract paintings and my use of impasto and layering techniques represent a moment of beauty in nature, my view of flowers swaying in the wind or light shining through a forest of trees – these paintings are moments of movement and beauty captured on a still canvas.

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Jungle - Acrylic on canvas, 2017, 50x50x1.5cm

With World Earth Day coming up (20th-22nd April), I thought it would be interesting to share with you how to find inspiration in your surroundings. It is a crucial way for artists to draw attention to the importance of our planet and celebrate the power of The Earth and our necessity to look after it.

When I am painting from nature, I am inspired by colour. The colour of flowers is my favourite in nature, and perhaps something which is easily accessible to paint from! So this World Earth Day maybe you could plant a tree to help our planet for as they say the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago , the second best time is today!

Spring Feeling

Somebody who always loved to paint from nature was Bob Ross, for anyone who loves painting but struggles with inspiration and technique, perhaps following one of his tutorials may help – very wholesome and relaxing content – I recommend! I will put a link below.

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