Can Art Help Us Value Water?

In the week of World Water Day it felt a good time to highlight the importance of their theme this year of actually ‘Valuing Water’. This is something I have felt important to me when I completed my ‘Water & Waves’ series.

Spiral Waves
Spiral Waves

Art can send out so many messages and flag up some very important emotions that we all feel and maybe sometimes find difficult to express in words. Although of course World Water Day is about the global environmental crisis, it is also about taking something we see, use and feel every day for granted. For sure water is something we all take for granted and this can extend to even not appreciating the beauty and power of water all around us, not just the dripping tap we ignore!

Water & Waves moves through a series of emotions from ‘Spiral Waves’ where the rich reds, yellows and orange colours swirl almost out of space, suggesting a feeling of lack of control compared to the calmness of Waterfall’, the vibrant Klein blues cascading into a moment of serenity.

Buy Waterfall Acrylic on canvas, 2019, 50x70x1.5cm
Waterfall Acrylic on canvas, 50x70x1.5cm
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Blue Wave Acrylic on canvas, 70x70x1.5cm

Science has always taught us that the rhythm of waves, the sound of trickling water can actually affect the rhythm of the neuronal ‘waves’ in our brain which in turn help to bring a more peaceful state of mind – no surprise that we are encouraged to have water features in our gardens and love them so much!

Mark Rothko said "the most interesting painting is one that expresses more of what one thinks than of what one sees’ and this is something that resonates with me and my art. I hope my paintings evoke thoughts and give the viewer so much individual pleasure and that my water paintings may just help people to really value water, its significance, power and global importance just that little bit more.

Violet, Black, Orange, Yellow on White and Red, 1949 by Mark Rothko (Courtesy of

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