Can Clothing Fashion Inspire Art?!

Well...Art and Fashion are always together and we can find many examples when famous Fashion houses like Prada and Hermes are collaborating with artist to bring new ideas into clothing industry. You can find even more thru interesting articles about that like for example and In my case different things inspire me to create new art. This time I found quite interesting brand Clothsurgeon and their approach was kind of unusual to me in terms of how they collaborate with different fashion brands and create their own products. Particularly I was so much inspired by a few of those:

Clothsurgeon and Champion that resulted in such an interesting models like that (source:

I was really inspired by the idea of combining lines and textures, simple colors of red, black and white with accent on positive and kind of home style things so that resulted in creating this particular art 'Emotions & Fashion':

Don't try to find commonalities in terms of lines or forms - this is more around the whole idea of how Fashion can influence our Emotions. To me their collaboration is just an impulse that helped me to generate some new Emotions on my side.

The second example that I found and that triggered some new things on my end is the following one (source:

And again, if you look like they combine blue and white, rough textures and lines...well this is so much exciting, isn't that? That gave me inspiration for another one of series 'Emotions & Fashion':

Great things helped me to find something new in my personal life to create Art and I really appreciate that such an amazing brands create something new and unique! So I do hope that I'll continue this interesting exploration of different brands not specifically in clothing but perhaps in some other areas of Fashion. If you find some interesting ideas and decide to share with me I will highly appreciate that!!! Please leave your comment below or send me a message and check out my future explorations in this area here!

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