Can My Paintings Make You Hungry?

One of the main aims with my paintings is the ability to share emotional context with the viewers and for me this most definitely extends to food – of course something we all love, experience, taste and share emotions over and with. Food creates moods, lifts them, disappoints sometimes, unites, comforts and doubtless creates an everyday emotion in one way or another for most of us – we all know we eat with our eyes, so of course in my emotional artworks, this is an important subject matter. Even science would argue that this is entirely possible, take the phenomenon of ‘Synesthesia’,

Synaesthesia – Art Term | Tate Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which stimulation of one sense e.g., taste, produces experiences in a totally different sense, for example our vision, what we see. According to researcher Sean Day up to 1 in 27 people has some form of Synesthesia.

My collection Flavours, Flavors, Emotions in Art ( shares these emotions with you.

From the spicy explosions of Paprika to the soothing beauty of Watermelon, these paintings express my translation of food to art. From Van Gogh’s ‘Potato Eaters’ where we can almost taste the potatoes, the dirt, the basic dish and yet how it represents survival to Kandinsky’s ‘Salad’ paintings Kandinsky painting salad 'tastes better' - BBC News- where diners would pay twice as much for a salad that was as aesthetically pleasing as the Kandinsky painting!! The way our brain and senses work and can be expressed through art is endlessly fascinating to me.

Acrylic and paprika on canvas, 2017, 80x60x1.5cm
Acrylic and paprika on canvas, 2017, 80x60x1.5cm

This connection between art, food and drink is definitely not lost in some of the most influential areas. The amazing Ruinart champagne house celebrates this Artistic Collaborations - Ruinart. The collaborations truly do embrace art Food For Art 2020 - Ruinart and it is wonderful to see the appreciation of food and art interacting with such masters and I hope my paintings echo these emotions.

I mean what could be more perfect than the appreciation of food and art? If I can recreate this celebration through the emotions in my ‘Flavours collection for the viewers of my art then that makes me very happy! Might even celebrate with a glass of champagne and if you feel like some Strawberries and Coffee, why not see if my paintings can wake up your tastebud senses too!

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