Can’t Sleep But Can Dream? – Lockdown Effects & How Art Can Help

No doubt the last year may have given many people some restless nights and for sure some unusual dreams! The news has been full of stories of how so many of us are having such vivid dreams during these times. Sleep - BBC News Of course this is no surprise to anyone but on the positive side it does give us artists even more material for our artworks!

My 5 art-works series Dream represents paintings that I included in my ‘Emotional paintings’, applying this concept to my art works, that doesn’t reflect the process but rather the way you express your emotions and feelings.

Dream #1’ is acrylic and cord on canvas and is really quite unique because it gives the freedom of our dreams that you keep inside and sometimes it is easier to release these feelings through colours and textures. The unravelling cord is allowing the dreams to slowly release and to be shared or not – almost embryonic in form some may think.

The road to the dream
Dream #1 - Acrylic and cord on Canvas

My recent online exhibition with Contemporary Art Curator Magazine received over 4.5K likes, showing how popular this theme really is!

The psychoanalytic readings and symbols in art have fascinated many artists through art history, an artist I admire, Pollack was particularly fascinated by this. His ‘Portrait & A Dream 1953 would certainly need Pollack to help with its explanation, we can see the two sides of the dream but I do think most would find it difficult to translate this dream!

Portrait and a Dream, 1953 by Jackson Pollock - Courtesy of

The Surrealists are of course the art movement most would connect with dream art works and indeed their work was vivid and honest. Magritte, Dali & Ernst shared their dreams in the most exuberant style. The dreamworld is splendidly fascinating and when reproduced through art whether abstract or not, this creative release is so exciting and insightful. I want to feel the harmony between the intangible and the tangible in my paintings and in the dream collections this becomes an important bridge.

Art is a form of escapism and expression and dreams can be conveyed through this medium so effectively. Art can create positive messages, share emotional strength and whether you are an artist or an art lover, you can find such comfort and inspiration in art when you believe in the dream!

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