Can We Dare To Feel Happy In Art As Lockdown Eases?

It has definitely been a difficult year and the art world has not been left unaffected by the events of the pandemic but there is reason to be happy, to be hopeful and to embrace this in art. Vaccines are rolling out and although maybe at the moment museums may be more accustomed to visitors coming in for a vaccine rather than to enjoy the artworks, it feels like we are moving forward, which is vital in life!

Easter is here and the sun is out, so we need to embrace this mood and reflect on art to celebrate these positive emotions. My Happiness & Bright Moments collection evolved precisely from these moments where I felt a happiness that I could express in art, what I call my ‘Emotional painting, that doesn’t mean the way I paint technically but rather the way I try to concentrate on what I feel inside my art works. That exact moment of happiness does not always last for very long, so I don’t start painting if I don’t feel something special and I try and finish that work to coincide with my emotions, to keep this vital energy of emotion translating into my art.

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Bright moments part 1 Acrylic on canvas
Art for the Home
Bright moments #14 Acrylic & sea salt on canvas

We know how positive the arts can be for so many people and during Covid 19 the creative juices have been ignited in so many homes, from art to home crafts, music and dance. People have been strong and powerful in their love for each other and the desire to get through difficult times. In November 2019 the World Health Organisation published a report detailing how beneficial the arts were on our health something that i feel must be more relevant now than ever.

My ‘Happiness & Bright Moments’ collection comes from my heart and my true moments of happiness, which I hope the viewer embraces and feels too. Art can create and inspire moods and now is surely the time for some happiness and bright moments – think we all deserve it! So please enjoy this collection and feel happy!

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