Emotional Days Ahead: Galleries Opening Again!

Exhibitions pre-covid were hugely important to not only view artwork as the artist intended but also as a sociable event, to meet new people, discuss art and get new ideas. Meeting people whilst viewing my art is so important, understanding their reactions to my work is something that is a big part of my learning curve with my emotional art.

Over the last year, artists all around the world, myself included, have been unfortunate enough to experience working without the opportunity to exhibit. I find that without the gallery exhibition setting, it is much more challenging to accurately convey the right level of emotion. Especially for my paintings, which are all about emotion and feeling, online exhibition is not always a feasible alternative. Without conversation and debate from other artists and art enthusiasts in a gallery - it can be hard to develop emotional artworks fully.

I explained in a feature with Art Habens: Art Review, that internet space for artists is impossible to show real painting – that the emotional feeling that is incorporated in artworks is not something that can be felt when seeing the work on a screen, it must be felt in the moment and in the right setting. At the end of the day, an online viewer is not able to FEEL the same when they stand in front of the paintings, whereas in person they can truly FEEL the real oscillations of your work.

So, now we are in the lead up to galleries opening up again, I feel that I would like to remember the exhibitions I am most proud of. Firstly, I managed to win an opportunity to present over 18 pieces of art during the 2019 Artrooms Fair London, up against almost 1000 artists, I became one of 70 dedicated rooms for the exhibition. Following this, I was given the opportunity to exhibit two of my paintings at the London Art Biennale. As well as presenting a piece at the Videne Formy; which was my most recent exhibition which took place at the beginning of 2020. Those were the days and hopefully many more to come !

Roll on May 17th 2021 when we can enjoy artwork once more!

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