Feeling of Spring

As always, once days are getting longer and nights are shorter and February is almost over you start feeling this flavor of Spring that influence your art a lot. The last week of February and the first day of March brings emotional context in new paintings.

The first art, titled 'Passion' with all simplicity in lines and colors brings a lot of emotional background. I was working on a new concept, trying to find some new forms of emotions in painting but nothing new came. As an artist you always feel kind of frustration once you know what's inside your heart but you can't easily express those ideas in your art. As a result after a few days this simple painting was born, as a symbol of human being looking for changes and desire to express your Passion in new forms and new things.

The second art, 'Feeling of Spring' is not just flowers, the concept is much more important than just objects on canvas. You are looking for something fresh and new in your life, your desire to change to find yourself in life is getting so strong but you are in between of winter around and desire for new chapter in your art life. This very contradictory environment creates kind of contrast of colors, you express your feelings in simple forms, but forms are much more complicated by nature when you look inside your soul and heart. That's why I'm always saying: 'Emotions drive my art!', this time the shift between winter and spring, desire for new colors and new concepts are so powerful so you express those in these paintings...

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