First steps of creating paintings

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

The most powerful trigger of further development as an artist was the fact that... I was not a professional artist, that means I didn’t have education in art. As a result in my personal world I didn’t have any rules, I didn’t though about harmony or right combination of colors. I understood that I could learn some techniques from famous artist and then tried to use those in my own paintings. Perhaps I could replicate those and do wonderful art but I really enjoyed the process of exploring new techniques without worrying if someone had used that before. That actually helped me a lot in my future exploration of art and I’ll come back to this point later on. At that moment I didn’t have a goal to create something unique I just tried to express my emotions with high attention to details and making sure that what I create is in full resonance with what I feel inside. I played with colors, textures, lines and forms without worrying about any rules, just creating new art for myself, expressing myself thru art. The approach that I take once I open a new canvas is – I don’t think what I want to express, I don’t think what kind of color I am going to use, I have no plan. I listen to myself and I’m driven by energy that comes inside me...

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