How Can We All Help Good Causes Through Art At Auction?

Art has been championed since the beginning of civilisation. People for centuries have used art to capture moments in time, its simplicity is what makes art so accessible, before technology – art was there; for communication, therapy, documentation and aesthetics.

Our human relationship with art is so precious – we rely on art for our history and relationship with our ancestors, it amazes me to think of the preserved carvings from the Ancient Egyptians for example – how these illustrations tells us a story of how things used to be – without art we would have a much less colourful, interesting world and indeed a much lesser understanding of the world. Through art, conversations are generated, emotions are shared and these precious moments can be important in helping to deal with personal issues. Art can be a release and a comfort for so many and as exhibitions are gradually opening up, the thought of exhibitions in hospitals, hospices, retirement homes and other similar places where people need comfort, being able to continue will be wonderful.

Bright moments #12 - Acrylic on canvas, 2018, 60x80x1.5cm
Bright moments #12 - Acrylic on canvas, 2018, 60x80x1.5cm

However in the meantime, there is no doubt the last year has been very challenging and I would love to be able to give back in some small way, not only emotionally but also financially. Many people have struggled with so many issues and although I hope that my emotional art really can generate emotions, relieve stress and indeed motivate in a positive way, I would also now like to donate a percentage of my sales to buyers nominated charities.

I am very excited to now announce that I will be introducing a new art auction feature on my website. Launching April 26th until the end of May, I will be offering individual artworks for sale every other week. The purpose of this will be to donate 25% of sales to charity organisations of the buyers’ choice.

Art auctions in this way promotes art sales as well as helping others in need. There are constant wonderful charity initiatives from great artists which have raised a great deal of money and been a huge help to so many. Ultimately it doesn’t matter if it is your local school’s art sales or Damien Hirst’s inspiring rainbow prints, the incentive is the same, to help others! Although to be fair Hirst did raise a considerable sum which was rather useful to many.

The Butterfly Rainbow limited edition prints are in support of NHS Charities Together and the London-based Felix Project. Photograph: @damienhirst
The Butterfly Rainbow limited edition prints are in support of NHS Charities Together and the London-based Felix Project. Photograph: @damienhirst

My art auction will be found at: - on the 26th April, where I will be selling my first piece of artwork. So if you feel like you would like to own a new piece of art, something that I hope, will truly inspire you on your wall as well as helping your nominated charity, which of course I will confirm your donation to, please do view the auction and get fine art bidding!

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