How The Art World is Coping With Lockdown

We have all had to adapt and adjust the best we can over the last year and this has been especially prevalent in the art world. Art lovers of course ideally enjoy seeing paintings in the flesh but right now this is rather an exception due to the environment that we all face.

The challenge with online events is sometimes also, not so much that you can't get an opportunity to observe real art, although this is also part of the problem because in real life you see art differently vs. what you see in photo but also rather the lack of communication with between artist and viewer.

Ideally people coming to buy art need to talk to the artist and see his/her eyes, feel the soul of the artist and really dig into the real world of talking to the artists. That's really what we miss so much right now, both artist and viewer. When I had a chance to present some of my art-works in London back in 2019 I had an amazing opportunity to meet so many wonderfully diverse people. It was a great networking and sharing occasion, talking to people who actually encourage you to be even more productive. I had so much feedback, people shared their feelings and emotions and that to me was the most valuable part of the event.

However, we have all had to adapt the best we can and unsurprisingly the artworld has been full of imaginative ideas over this chalenging worldwide lockdown. Ever inventive online virtual exhibitions have offered so many new and fresh opportunities. Excitingly these are essentially online free art exhibitions, accessible to all, which is fantastic! Another bonus is as artists we do not have to transport or send our artworks to events, so financially we can afford to share even more work than before!

I was honoured to be contacted recently by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine who have released a new online exhibition and I'm happy to become of the part of their 'Infinite Dreams' exhibition. This online exhibition will last until June'21.

So until we can all be back together soaking up the galleries and exhibitions let’s embrace all the virtual exhibitions and online art galleries and make the most of enjoying as much emotional art to inspire and uplift, as we can.

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