The Collision Of Physics & Art – What Really Happens?

I am an artist with a PhD in Physics and Mathematics and so by nature it seemed equipped with an analytical mind and yet here I am an emotional artist loving my ability to express and share my emotions with others through the wonder of art.

Once I started creating art I was trying to overcome my personal challenge of being very analytical by education. I believe there is a strong physic concept in what I create in my artworks and no doubt this was highlighted to me even more during my PhD focus, which was around the investigation of brain and nerve dynamics! We can represent our brain as a set of many oscillators, that produce chaos, but this chaos has structure and that’s what we call controlled chaos, perhaps an emotion many of us have been feeling over the past year!. That is why what we create by using abstract tools becomes a reflection of our brain activity, our emotional state and once we speak about resonance between what we feel and what we create becomes the classic model of oscillations and resonance triggered by our nerves and brain. This may sound complicated but when expressed through art it is simplified. Science and art are the very basic roots of humans endeavouring to recreate, translate and ultimately understand the effects of the world we live in.

It is very exciting to see these thoughts being shared and expressed in the forthcoming British Science Week, which is held from 5th – 14th March, where they are truly attempting to smash stereotypes #smashingstereotypes and celebrating the diverse people and carers in science and engineering – So yes as a scientist with qualifications in Physics and talk of brain and nerve dynamics, you may well picture me in a lab coat and science lab and see this as polar opposite to an artist with a paint brush in front of an easel but believe me the two are closer than you may have ever thought could be possible!

Explore and enjoy my Physics of Emotions collection and I hope you can expand your thoughts and mind and find a world of artistic expression which is truly motivating, uniting Science and Art in the most exciting and revealing way!

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