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The Power of Love & Emotions In My Art

My artworks are about honesty and capturing a moment in time that truly resonates with my emotions and indeed something I then hope I can translate artistically to my viewers.

Valentines Day is a day celebrated worldwide but not necessarily enjoyed by everyone! Of course we want to associate it with happiness and joy, especially after the year we have all experienced, however love does not always mean happiness because through love we experience emotions and these emotions can make us vulnerable to sadness too.

A day celebrating love means a day of celebrating all emotions and this is what my art is about. I hope I can convey those deep emotions that capture an instant moment and through colour, texture and composition which enables my viewers to also relate to that series of feelings.

My ‘Love’ project, which of course feels appropriate to concentrate on at this time, was inspired by a range of emotions and moments which led me to capture them as ‘Love’. ‘Love in Every Heart’ is a textural strong piece of work where the power of the heart is conveyed in full strength and again the textural presence is felt in ‘Feelings’. Moving on to pieces like ‘Failing In Love’ where the petals and colours swirl in a world of their own.

Love in every heart
Failing in love

Some may feel the opposite end of the spectrum is my ‘Solitude’ project, but maybe not? Many may also experience solitude on a day like Valentines Day and maybe this year more than ever with lockdowns still active worldwide. Pieces like ‘Alone with Myself’ explore slightly darker emotions when time alone seems to be the only relevant time. However there is still love and overall love does win the battle of emotions as being the main strong thread that can hold emotions together because to love oneself is the most important love to then be able to share this love with others and hopefully my art can inspire this hope, is that what I want you to see in ‘Wave Flying’ ?

Alone with myself #inside
Wave Flying

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