Where Art & Music Moods Unite

Painting is ultimately a fairly solitary process and for me one where I absorb my chosen surroundings and atmosphere to influence my work. I listen to my feelings and music can play such a huge role in all our emotions. We may listen to words, embrace sound, fall into the power of stunning musical notes and instruments, whichever it is there is no doubt somehow we can all be motivated, excited and inspired by the force of music. The power of an almost meditative state through music has indeed influenced my style and expression through colour and my methods, which led me to create my

Music Mood’ collection.

Addicted by Music’ shows the all encompassing power of music when you disappear into your own world, the red earphone dominates the portrait and becomes the strength of this piece, anchoring their attentive listener – his face is not needed, a touch of yellow hints at a hopeful relaxed atmosphere as the listener floats in a sea of solitary contentment.

‘Addicted by Music’ by Dmitry Art
‘Addicted by Music’

My love of music has always played an important role and again none more so than in my piece, ‘Armenian Jazz’, which I painted whilst listening to Armenian Jazz by Arto Tuncboyaciyan.

I felt Arto’s music was truly embracing his Armenian Culture and the soul of his nation, this touched me and I created what I felt from the music. As a lover of Jazz music I felt the power and passion, the occasional explosions of sound reflected in the bold reds in the painting and yet again somehow I felt anchored by the stream of background blues. Simple primary colours, red, blue and yellow seemed to resonate for the mood of his music, coincidentally the colours of the Armenian flag!

Armenian Jazz by Dmitry Art
'Armenian Jazz'
Fantasy of Sounds by Dmitry Art
Fantasy of Sounds (Sold)

So yes, I am so lucky to enjoy music and embrace the influence it has on my art, so I would recommend to all artists to be captivated by your choice of music and let it help you create your Music Mood in Art.

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