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Mental Health thru Art and Painting experience

  • It's not a secret that life brings so much stress and uncertainty, I also face the same challenges in everyday life. Some people try to overcome that with different things but personally I believe art can help with that a lot. To me this is some kind of meditation and pushing your concerns out of your life. 

  • The most complicated thing to explore this experience and then drive it thru your own path is the starting point. You simply don't know where to go and how to start that. It is not related to any type of technique which you can learn a lot online, the challenge is in your fear and uncertainty how to start the process.

  • There are three main reasons why I decided to offer my support here:

    • the first one is - the question about 'how to start the process of painting if you don't know what you want to express' is very common when people just start painting on their own. The topic here is not about what colors to buy or what tool to use (palette knife or brush) but rather how to immerse in the process of painting;

    • the second on is - obviously you can find some classes either online or face to face but many people hesitate to join group of unknown people, I offer personal experience and personal approach;

    • the third one - every other day I go thru the same experience in my art and I decided to share that more!

  • Now, the way how we can set up the process is:

    • I offer online call to meet and understand your needs and your challenges (price: 100 euro), it's usually 60 mins call.​

    • Then it depends on your needs, I would suggest to focus on face to face experience as personal interaction is very important (price: depending on location and timing), it's hard to share all specific of digging into art experience without having real interaction. However, I do understand that before you commit to that you may want to test what it looks like and then we can set up some online experience (price: starts from 100 euro per hour). I do realize the price is high but I really invest a lot of emotions into that, so I would rather focus on few but very productive sessions.

For requests please use the form below and I'll contact you back as soon as possible!

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