The Art that brings emotions! 

The Art that helps to relieve stress!

The Art that motivates!

  • Uniqueness of  these art-works in openness and  transparency of expressing emotions on canvas i.e. ability to share emotional context with perceivers.

Why that happens? Cause of the concept that I'm applying while making art, you can read more here.

Is that possible at all? Absolutely, you can find a lot of scientific articles that studying that, take a look at some of those, Art & EmotionsEmotions Across Arts.

  • Don't consider my art as interior or design type of paintings, of course you can buy those to decorate your home but you get more than that, you get source of emotions, the trigger for your own reflection, the unique Artifact that brings something very special to you.

  • I try to split art-works by categories according to emotions that they bring to me but you may need to find your own Artifact in that collection that will trigger your emotional context! If you need help with that, drop me a message.

  • Please don't hesitate to ask questions, request more photos of a particular art work, ask for details:

Dmitry Art (Artyukhin)